Reap what you sow

Is there a goal that you have dreamed of achieving, but thought that it was not attainable?

You may have already read or heard about the creation of The Couch Outloud through the Live Louder Blog or on the podcast.

However, how was this dream actually achieved?

Dream Weaver

It all started with an idea.  An idea that I wanted to celebrate the creative arts and people who were taking action to positively affect societal change and empower others.  I spent years searching for the right space to fit in to achieve my personal vision.  It took me so long to realise that all the projects that I was involved with, did not actually match my vision and I was not being my true authentic self.  I was therefore not sending out the harmonising signals for where I truly needed to be.

Whether you believe in ‘going with your gut’, ‘following your intuition’ or whichever phrase suits you; a feeling does kick in.  I remember waking up one Sunday morning in January 2016 and felt this gut instinct to make a change in my life.  I actually had no idea how this was going to happen, but I instinctively took steps towards achieving my goal – even though I did not exactly know, where this was going to lead me. 

Why was my first stop at the Swarovski discount store?  I wanted to buy myself something that I could wear every day that reminded me that I needed to follow this instinctive calling.  I bought myself a ring that continues to activate my vision instincts.  This strategy works for me, but you may have found something that works better for you – vision board, action plan etc.

I then put my thoughts into actions of purpose and focused more on what I wanted to achieve by speaking with people about my vision for the community.  It was all about talking out loud (pun intended) about what I wanted to achieve because one conversation can be the drop in the ocean to cause the ripple effect that you need.

I was speaking with a friend who recommended that I meet with her son, Daniel Fowler, who was a Business Broker.

From there Daniel recommended that I speak to a friend of his, Jade Weller who was a Business Coach

Never did I truly believe that a creative business needed a business coach as I thought that sustainability for the project would be organic. I made a conscious effort to open up my mind to different perspectives and embrace the value of what I did not understand!  Jade valued my passion and helped me to understand that the path that I had visualised to achieve my goal was not necessarily the correct one, but the end goal still held strong.  I trusted my flexible consciousness and it was time for ME to let go of a stagnate perspective.


What Did I Learn?

Achieving a sustainable goal does require effort, but you have to know the type of effort that you need to put in.  For me, finding out the type of effort that I needed was to open up my mind to the perspectives of others and value diversity of opinions.  I believe that my efforts and actions led me to the right people.  Some people call this the law of vibration as we can feel things that our minds cannot understand.  This brings me back to ‘following your intuition’ and the like.  Whether you feel that this is our ability to connect with vibrational energies or that like-minded people come into your life at the right time.  How we as individuals respond to the world around us can lead our lives into unchartered and exciting ventures – and adventures!

Subconscious Planting

Not only is my purchase of a ring a constant reminder to follow my authentic path, but also following through with a written, Action Plan has been effective.  An Action Plan was something that I initially did not hold much value in until I realised that my goals were being achieved without, what I thought was, too much effort.  However, it is all those small steps that become second nature, which in turn create the process.

This subconscious planting of thoughts and ideas has cultivated a growth of vibrational energy and achievement.

Thank you to all those amazing energy bodies that are a part of my life!


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