The Couch Outloud® is an entertaining live talk show that inspires social connectivity and gives the audience members a fun, uplifting and engaging experience. 

We offer you insightful guest speakers, unique audience participation games and a vibrant energy that will keep you coming back for more.

The Couch Outloud®’s mission is to bring the Gold Coast community together in celebration and acknowledgement of how we can add to the creation and expression of our city in progressive ways.

We continue to push the boundaries, explore fresh ideas, unearth unique perspectives, create innovative formats and celebrate new frontiers to inspire and motivate social change to benefit the entire community.

Join The Couch Outloud® community and connect in real life with real people!

  • I have emailed Ash about 20 photos that can be used in the Gallery section. Hopefully this gives a cross section of what we are all about.  Or if you feel some of the current photos are still useful.
  • So that people can access tickets to Upcoming Shows, it would be great to have an UPCOMING SHOW on the Home Page?? that links directly to The Couch Outloud Facebook page where they can see any upcoming events. What are your thoughts on this?  I do have a show coming up on 18 March

LINK -  https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/soul-awakenings-tickets-240754692767

then another in April and possibly another in June/July so maybe I can use the 3 months free support to have these events on the Home Page with the direct Eventbrite link, image and a short blurb?  I only have the link created for the 18 March thus far as I only display one upcoming show at a time.


“It’s not just a talk show, it’s a movement!”