Locals supporting locals

Musicians, artists and creatives continually shine their all-encompassing light on the world around them.  Throughout disasters and tragic times that affect communities, they step up to lift our spirits through their positive energy and unique talents.  Supporting individuals and fundraisers, these creatives put aside their own personal hardships and the impact of collective challenges that affect them personally.

Gold Coast creatives have once again opened their hearts and their realm of creativity. Through online platforms, not only they have kept us entertained with performances and events, but also they have helped to channel our feelings of angst into transformed feelings of optimism.  Now is the time more than ever to support our local creative heroes who give so much of their time. We need to see these outstandingly talented Gold Coasters included more in our local festivals so as to not only give them the opportunities for growth, but to also expand our knowledge of who we have right on our doorstep. There is something for everyone whether it be art, performance, and fashion or to experience something unique with friends and family. 

“How do I find these creative heroes?” you may ask.

Let me unearth for you a few less known and local spaces to broaden your cultural experiences.  These spaces have struggled over the years to remain open due to undefined zoning regulations.  However, through their determination, driven passion and power of their supporters, they remain standing.  Please follow these creative spaces on socials and attend their cultural and artistic awakenings – when we can!  The Dust Temple @dust_temple ; Mint Art House @mintarthouse; Mo’s Desert Club House @mosdesertclubhouse, The Walls @thewallsgc; Urban Paradise Gallery @urbanparadisegallery; Why Mary Designer Gallery @whymary_gallery; and not forgetting The Avenue @theavenuesurfers which supports so many local musicians and creatives.

Art is all around us and plays an important part in society.  It is a narrative of self-expression and observation for others.  Self-expression allows us all to contribute to arts culture within our community, strengthen deeper connections and create a cultural well-being. 

The Gold Coast has such a depth and richness of diverse creativity and countless creatives who have so much to offer.  The homegrown The Couch Outloud passionately supports these locals!  To find out more about who we are unearthing, head to our socials, Podcast and YouTube channel.  Of course, we have our live talk shows that will be returning(when restrictions lift)  and the first one will be the “Gold Coast Unearthed – Artistic Realm” show where will be bringing to the surface local creatives who will share their stories and showcase their talents. 



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